MedConnect is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, a platform dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and expertise between healthcare professionals.


It is a digital training program where healthcare professionals can learn from the experience and knowledge of expert trainers and industries. The minds behind the project noticed healthcare professional’s ambition and thirst to continue learning and training to improve their skills, knowledge and techniques, however there was a hole in the healthcare training industry and those needs weren’t met. From that point, MedConnect International was born, a well-structured, accessible virtual agency that supports an international network of expert around the world in specific procedural areas. The concept is built upon a proven and test academic method, the combination of years of experience in different fields of the medical industry have brought an optimized digital solution to improve healthcare training. Through a 3-step process, trainees experience the different aspects related to a subject, from theory to practice with the guidance of their trainer, therefore quenching the thirst for knowledge.

Masterclasses, clinical immersions and mentorships aren’t new concepts in the medical field, however shifting their practice on both the virtual and real world, allow both the trainer and trainee to broaden their horizons from a geographical and educational standpoint as MedConnect removes borders and allows like-minded professionals to take part in the experience. As of now, the courses are only available in English as it renowned for being the scientific language, however as MedConnect expands and develops, translations, subtitles etc… could potentially follow. Furthermore, all the courses will be recorded and for each a series of follow-up questions will be answered by the speaker in an effort to anticipate possible inquisition on the trainee’s part. With the aim of combining the perks of face-to-face learn and the clear advantages of digital medical learning (here we can add the link to the digital healthcare education article) MedConnect allows the community to interact and exchange on a subject, in other words, trainees will have the possibility to ask questions pertaining to the course even after it has ended. The platform is accessible anytime and anywhere, allowing the users to adjust their training needs according to their schedule and pace.


“a consistent process or program to deliver training”


MedConnect is mindful of both the curiosity and passion related to the specialty as well as the difficulty and the subsequent involvement and engagement associated with being a healthcare professional, taking these elements into account, MedConnect offers state-of-the-art cost-saving technological solutions in order to offer a customized and flexible experience for the user. Each HCP can advance at their own pace on the curriculum, the path to earning certification and accreditation on specific surgical procedure is yours to build and adapts to you.

The goals of the agency are two-fold. On one hand, MedConnect aims to create an open line of communication within the community of experts for specific procedures, which would allow the exchange of ideas, techniques and practices in a more instantaneous manner. On the other hand, its consistently providing the users with the latest information through the MedConnect platform. In the future, MedConnect aspires to become a trusted third-party in the eyes of the surgical community, experts and industry when it comes to learning and communication.

In the days to come, the first course that will take place would revolve around the themes of bariatric surgery and obesity, However the potential for MedConnect is limitless, between the rise of digital education and the need of training for HCP, MedConnect is set to become an educational landmark.